Supplying Artificial Grass in Clackmannanshire

Supplying Artificial Grass in Clackmannanshire

We are professional installers of artificial grass and we can supply a range of synthetic turf from garden projects to large sports fields and pitches.

Synthetic Turf Suppliers in Clackmannanshire

Synthetic Turf Suppliers in Clackmannanshire

There are many suppliers of synthetic turf throughout the UK, this is because of how popular this type of flooring has become. It gives people a lot of benefits and more time when they have it installed because it doesn't require much maintenance.

Artificial Grass Suppliers Cost in Clackmannanshire

Artificial Grass Suppliers Cost in Clackmannanshire

Whether you are looking for a small area of synthetic turf or a big synthetic sports pitch, we are able to carry out these works to a high standard.

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How much does Artificial Grass Cost in Clackmannanshire?

You have probably opened this page and expect an answer like £6 per m² to the question “How much does artificial grass cost?” and I would love to say it is that easy to answer because that would be the end of me writing this for you but as I am sure you will realise then there is much more to explain.

So first and foremost with regards to the prices in Clackmannanshire FK12 5 then there is a need to understand the project on whether it is a sports pitch, garden, nursery play area, school playground or for general landscaping because this will affect the grade of surfacing you would require and obviously will therefore change the rates.

Synthetic Turf Suppliers Cost

I will get started with some facts and figures for you anyway for projects in the UK but these are generally UK average prices and you are always best to get a quote on a job by job basis:

What does fake turf cost for 3G Sports Pitch Surfacing? – the costs for the supply of 3G surfaces generally come in at £7 - £10 per m² depending on quality of the carpet which could be pile height, pile weight and type of yarn.

What is the price of artificial turf for Garden surfacing? – the average costs for fake turf to gardens vary dramatically because of quality from £9 - £30 per m² on average and obviously you might find some rates below this threshold or above but these are general average prices but you really must be comparing apples with apples and checking the specifications

What does synthetic turf cost for Playground surfacing? – this is very similar to the garden surfacing with the price range varying from £9 - £30 per m² but on playground surfacing you must remember that this generally requires a CFH for the play equipment so you'll have to take into account extra charges for shockpads.

How much does Artificial Grass Cost Supply Only?

So above I have given you average UK prices on the supply only of materials however you must make sure that you cover all other elements if looking to just have a supply of materials. What other costs is there:

  • Glues / Tapes – these are needed for any jointing of the carpet
  • Silica Sand Infill – required to weigh the carpet down and support backing on some artificial turf products
  • Tools / Equipment – you obviously need to make sure you have the correct equipment for installation
  • Transport – manufacturers of synthetic astroturf obviously have to add carriage charges to site
  • Other materials – any other materials for the preparation works like stone, sand, edges

If you'd like more information on the price of supplying artificial grass for homes, schools and sports facilities, please fill in our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible with more details.

Fake Grass Supply and Fit in Clackmannanshire

Although the cost will be cheaper to carry out the supply-only option, you will not get the same end product unless you choose a professional company to carry out supply and fit. Our contractors can install fake grass for gardens, schools, play areas and sports facilities to a professional standard and will guarantee that the synthetic carpet will last a long time. We only make use of premium materials and specialist equipment making sure to give you the best service possible. It is highly recommended to choose the option of fake turf supply and fit rather than supply-only, as you will not have the same specialist skills as professional installers and therefore the installation may not look as good when completed.

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So rounding this page up then on the question what does synthetic grass in Clackmannanshire FK12 5 cost, then the average figure if you twisted my arm and asked me to give you a rate for supply only would be approximately £15 per m² but if you want niche specific details on a breakdown of costs for a certain project please follow the links below:

Please click here for a generic garden installation

Please click here for a generic playground installation

Please click here for a generic all weather pitch installation

If you would like to speak to us and ask us specifically how much artificial grass costs in Clackmannanshire FK12 5 simply fill in our contact form and we will get back to you.

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