Artificial All Weather Pitch in Gonerby Hill Foot

Artificial All Weather Pitch in Gonerby Hill Foot

We have different design specification for sport surfaces, this is because each sport has an ideal surface.

Astroturf Sports Pitch in Gonerby Hill Foot

Astroturf Sports Pitch in Gonerby Hill Foot

Astroturf sports pitches are a great option for sports facilities because they can be used all year round and to high standards.

Costs of Artificial Sports Turf in Gonerby Hill Foot

Costs of Artificial Sports Turf in Gonerby Hill Foot

The most common sports which we are asked to install a synthetic surface for are football, hockey and for multi use games areas. Each one of these sports can be played to a good level on our surfaces.

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All-Weather Pitch Costs in Gonerby Hill Foot

The costs of artificial turf for all weather pitch in Gonerby Hill Foot NG31 8 is a very broad question so in return rest assured all contractors would be asking these questions before supplying a quotation:

What specification of artificial grass? – With this question if you're unsure then it is to check what sports you're wanting to play on the all-weather facility because obviously the specification of a hockey field is going to be much different than that of a synthetic rugby field for example.

What size are you wanting the artificial turf all-weather pitch? – The dimensions of the field affect the price because of the economies of scale so this is important when providing you with a quote.

What is your realistic budget? – This is important when pricing the works because there must be over 100 different options you can have from the lowest quality to the FIFA 2* premium products.

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If you would be interested in finding out more information, feel free to talk to our specialist team today. We are happy to give you all the details you require in order to get the best results possible. Simply fill out the enquiry form provided and we will get back to you as soon as we can with everything you need to know. 

Average Prices for the Artificial Turf All-Weather Pitch Surfaces Near Me

However I know you're reading this wanting facts and figures so we will try our best to help you with budget quotes and here goes for the costs of synthetic turf to all-weather or gardens surfaces based on full sized pitches :

  • Hockey Synthetic Surfaces – as a guideline rate for hockey you're looking at the price of £19 per m² but please make sure you check whether you require a shockpad as this is approximately £8 per m² extra
  • Football Artificial Surfaces – you have different depths of synthetic grass for football so as very rough rates then for a 40mm specification you would expect this to be £19 per m² and for a 60mm system at the rates of £23 per m²
  • Multi Use All-Weather Facility – this generally tends to be a sand based product and the rates currently lie within the UK at approx. £17 per m²

These rates above are simply for the surfacing element to sports pitches in Gonerby Hill Foot NG31 8 and can vary dramatically depending on the level of quality required and on top of these rates you should be looking at other prices like sports fencing, floodlighting, groundworks and shockpads.

If you require the costs of nearby artificial grass to gardens or playgrounds in Gonerby Hill Foot NG31 8 then within this website I explain the various rates you would expect to pay so please visit other pages to check these costs or better still do not hesitate to fill in the contact form for a written quote and more detail because once we get more information regarding the desired project we can go through everything in more depth with you.

Price of All Weather Pitches Near Me

As installation and supplying specialists for all wether pitches in Gonerby Hill Foot NG31 8 we are able to provide you with all the information you require in order to get the best results. We have years of experience and extensive specialist knowledge to provide you with a free quote that will be suited to the size and shape of your all weather court. When installing synthetic pitches in your surrounding area, it is important that you have all the right materials and support available to give your facility the results that are suitable for you. We are able to prep your surface to ensure it will be ready for the flooring to be placed on top. Speak to our team today if you're interested in finding out more information and receiving a free quote. 

What is an All-Weather Pitch?

An all-weather pitch is a sports facility near me which can be used throughout the year during any type of weather. All-weather pitches closest to you in Gonerby Hill Foot NG31 8 are porous facilities meaning that water can drain through easily; this means that the facility will not get flooded or waterlogged over time. All-weather pitches are great for nearby schools and local sports clubs, as they can be used any time of the year meaning that players will not miss out on playing the sports due to wet weather conditions. These types of facilities are often used for multisports. This means that a number of sporting activities can be played in a single space, which cuts back on costs and space.

Sports Grass Cost in Gonerby Hill Foot

So working on the figures which I’m sure you want to see then I will throw a rate out there now to say you would be looking around the mark of £85 per metre based on a standard size of approximately 100m². I will break this down now for you to show you how this works out as the best rate:

  • £35 per metre for groundworks which would include excavation, stoning up, geotextile membrane and a collector drain to tap into a mains drain near to the area.
  • £10 per metre for shockpad based a low level piece of equipment on the area.
  • £20 per metre for installation of synthetic grass surfacing.
  • £20 per metre for supply of synthetic grass plus delivery including offcuts.


These rates above are based upon the Artificial Grass Cost Fitted to School Playground with access being good in Gonerby Hill Foot. If you're looking for costs and prices for other types of projects then please feel free to talk to our specialist team today.

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