Fake Grass Garden in Antony

Fake Grass Garden in Antony

Fake garden turf is a great alternative to natural grass and tarmac surfaces and it looks nice all year round as well.

Synthetic Garden Turf in Antony

Synthetic Garden Turf in Antony

The advantages of having synthetic garden turf include the low amount of maintenance needed, it doesn't need watering or cutting and it is environmentally friendly too.

Artificial Garden Grass in Antony

Artificial Garden Grass in Antony

Having artificial garden grass is excellent because it means you can spend less time cleaning and cutting your surface and more time relaxing in it.

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Fake Grass Garden Costs in Antony

When looking to explain the fake grass cost to gardens in Antony PL11 3 then you need to understand there are 3 main areas that need pricing for gardens which are:

Preparation Works – the existing surface in the backyard or garden will more than likely need preparation works to create the best foundations for the fake turf to be laid onto. For more information on the preparation works costs then please click here which will highlight these rates.

Supply Of Surfacing – obviously purchasing of the materials and carpet is needed and please click here to the page which outlines the costs involved with supply only.

Installation – then you have the installation costs for labour, plant and tools needed to professionally install and fit the synthetic carpet, details of which can be found on this page.


The links on this page goes into detail each element of works that need to be quoted and obviously are guideline rates to help you understand ball point quotations of what to expect but if you want a firm written quotation then please fill out our contact form and provide information on the site location, area size and if possible a brief explanation of the existing surfacing which is there at present.

Benefits of Artificial Grass Lawns Near Me

There are a number of benefits of artificial grass lawns for backyards closest to you. The biggest benefit is that it is a permanent, long lasting surface type, so you will not need to renew the surface every few years; this will then save you money in the long run since resurfacing can be costly. Another benefit of artificial lawns is that they require very little maintenance. Although it is recommended to regularly brush or clean the synthetic carpet, you do not have to complete a lot of maintenance like you do with other surfacing types. Artificial turf is also a permeable surface type - this means that water can drain through easily and so the garden will not become flooded or waterlogged over time. 

Cheapest Costs for a Fake Grass Garden in Antony

If you've read the links above you will see the approximate rates which total around the figure of £70 per m² which is basically - £20 per m² for preparation works, £30 per m² for the supply http://www.artificialgrasscost.co.uk/supply/cornwall/antony/ and £20 per m² for the installation in Antony PL11 3 and this is a sensible figure for you to work on with your budgets when measuring your garden.

Always measure your garden from the widest and longest points and give these dimensions because that's the size carpet the specialist contractor will have to purchase. Any unusual shaped gardens will have offcuts as wastage but as long as when you measure the garden you give the dimensions from the widest and longest points you will always be covered in your workings out.

So if you are wondering what next then please fill in our enquiry form with the required information and then the ball can start rolling with quotes, previous case studies and details you might need. Always remember the cheapest quote and price is not always the best so make sure you are dealing with a company with loads of previous experience because if you're paying for an amazing transformation to your garden for those summer parties and BBQs then you really want to make sure it is a worthwhile investment.

How to Lay Synthetic Turf Near Me

  1. Dig up existing surface to correct depth
  2. Install layer of sand
  3. Spread the sand evenly over the surface
  4. Install geotextile membrane
  5. Lay synthetic turf carpet

We can complete the installation of synthetic turf http://www.artificialgrasscost.co.uk/synthetic-garden/cornwall/antony/ for front and back yards to a professional standard. This will guarantee that the surface will last a long time meaning that you do not have to worry about resurfaces in the future.

What is the Price of Artificial Grass?

The price of nearby artificial grass in Antony PL11 3 can alter depending on a number of factors. One big factor which can alter the cost of artificial turf is the size of the garden. Obviously bigger gardens will cost more to have the turf installed due to more materials being needed; however larger areas will have lower rates per square metre. Another factor which can alter the price of installation of synthetic astroturf for domestic gardens and backyards is the current condition of your garden. If you've already prepared the surface for installation, the overall cost will be reduced.

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Whether you are looking for artificial grass for a garden or a nursery play area http://www.artificialgrasscost.co.uk/nursery-play-area/cornwall/antony/ we are able to provide you with everything you need to know in order to get the best results. For more details regarding the price of synthetic turf, please fill in our contact form.

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