Artificial Grass Installation in Bangor

Artificial Grass Installation in Bangor

We are able to install artificial grass surface in your facility, we are a specialist company who have professional installers to make sure that the completed job is of a high standard.

Installing Artificial Turf in Bangor

Installing Artificial Turf in Bangor

To first step of the to install artificial turf is to remove the top grass and soil, then we have it at a level and put a stone sub base down. When this has been done the carpet will be layed over it.

Artificial Grass Installation Costs in Bangor

Artificial Grass Installation Costs in Bangor

Artificial grass installation costs will vary from job to job, this is because it all depends of the size of the area, access space and the type of turf they have had installed.

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Artificial Grass Installation Costs in Bangor

So you're looking to receive quotes and want to look into the artificial grass installation cost details in Bangor BT20 4 for your project and want to make sure you check which of these quotes you receive gives you the best value.

Well hopefully this article will explain a bit more for you to give you an understanding on how you can check this first hand and not be worried whether you have made the right decision or not.

  • Experienced Installers: Making sure the professional company has years experience in installing synthetic turf is very important because obviously you would pay less to have an apprentice come to your home as a plumber than a time served worker (just an example). The same applies to these installations and making sure you have a specialist contractor is crucial to the quality of works completed.
  • Specialist Equipment: Using a professional company will fill you with confidence when they turn up onsite in a van full of tools and equipment needed to fulfil a quality installment. Some installers with little experience turn up onto jobs with minimal equipment and this also affect the quality of works from the jointing of the carpet, the fixing of edges, and the structural strength in the sub base to brushing the finished surface.

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By filling in our contact boxes on this page we can provide you with the synthetic grass installing cost in much more detail once you give us all the details within the boxes like the area size, location and details. Once we receive this we may start to send you previous projects and quotations to see whether this type of surfacing fits within your budgets.

What is the Cost to Install Artificial Turf?

The cost to install artificial grass in your surrounding area can vary depending on a number of different factors. One big factor which will alter the cost to lay artificial astroturf is the size of the area you wish to cover. Obviously if you've got a huge area the overall price will be a lot more than if you were to lay synthetic grass for a smaller area; however the rates for larger areas are generally a lot lower. When thinking about the price to lay the astroturf, you must bare in mind that the company will need to cover the costs of installers getting to site, labour and the material costs. Another factor which will alter the price of installation is the type of grass you choose to install. Cheap synthetic turf will generally not last very long. It is important to have good quality synthetic turf installed if you want a long lasting facility or area.

We can talk to you in more detail about the install prices if necessary. We may also alter our designs and specifications to meet your financial budgets if reuired. Please fill in the contact box provided on this page and we will get right back to you. 

Installing Synthetic Grass Near Me

When looking at installing synthetic grass in Bangor BT20 4 it is important that nearby facilities closest to you have a rough idea of how much they are wanting to spend. We always like to make sure our customers are 100% satisfied with the price of the installation as well as the end result. Our local experts are on hand to provide you with everything you need to know in order for you to get the best results possible. Fill out the enquiry form above if you're interested in finding out more as well as receive a free quote from our team. We have years of experience and specialist knowledge to install synthetic turf which suits your requirements. 

How to Install Artificial Turf Near Me

If you're interested in how to lay synthetic grass, our contractors carry out the service to a professional standard:

  1. Excavate the existing surface
  2. Lay a geotextile membrane
  3. Install compacted stone sub base
  4. Install edging where necessary
  5. Lay sand screeded layer
  6. Lay artificial turf carpet
  7. Glue edges and joints together if necessary

We may complete the installing process in a professional way creating the best facility or artificial garden lawn for you to be proud of. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require more details on the installment of artificial turf.

Artificial Grass Installation Cost, Prices and Rates in Bangor

Right ok so you are probably now thinking right give me the manmade turf installing cost per m² and here goes but please be mindful these are approximate rates and vary due to economies of scale:

Synthetic grass installing cost to a full sized all weather pitch within the UK market is generally priced at an average rate of £3 per m² but to throw a spanner in the works, you need to consider the access to the area, what sports surface specification the synthetic turf is and also inlaid sports lines are needed to be cut into the carpet.

Fake grass install price to a garden is very hard to put a rate on because the area sizes can differ so much but as I am sure you are thinking this is an easy way to get out of it then here goes. The UK market generally price the installation part of the works at approximately £850 minimum day visit because they need to allow for fuel, tools to site, glues, tapes and experienced labour and if you'd like an average m² rate then it generally works out to be around the £20 per m² rate.


Manmade turf installation cost to school playgrounds and nursery play areas in Bangor BT20 4 and surrounding areas, are the same as that of a garden on average at £20 per meter however these rates really do depend on dimensions and the shape of an area. For more information on rates, figures and quotes please fill in our contact form on this page to get much more detailed prices. We are happy to give you all the information you require in order to get the best results possible. 

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