Nursery Synthetic Grass in Owmby

Nursery Synthetic Grass in Owmby

When synthetic grass is installed in nurseries, we recommend having a shock pad underneath the carpet, this will make it a safer surface for children to use.

Fake Turf for Nurseries in Owmby

Fake Turf for Nurseries in Owmby

Having a shock pad installed underneath the fake turf carpet means that the surface will meet the necessary Critical Fall Height Requirements which are needed. The shockpad size will vary depending on what it on the surface and what it will be used for.

Synthetic Grass for Nurseries  in Owmby

Synthetic Grass for Nurseries in Owmby

The reason a lot of nurseries are having synthetic turf installed is that it can be used all year round and there is no mud on the surface.

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Nursery Play Area Costs in Owmby

So you are wanting the artificial grass prices for nursery play area in Owmby DN38 6 and if I quickly give you a rate of £85 per m² then you have your answer. However although this is the UK average I am sure you are wanting to know a little more on how contractors get to this price.

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Well along with the synthetic turf prices to nursery playground projects comes over elements of works which is needed like the groundworks for the synthetic carpet to be fitted onto and then also the installation of the specialist surfacing. Below I will break down some rates and these can vary from job to job because some projects need a lot less preparation than others, but I need to give you a UK average across the board:

Preparation Works generally cost out at around £35 per m² because majority of the time the existing surface needs to be dug out, infilled with porous stone, edge restraints installed and levelled ready for the synthetic turf.

  • Shockpad shock absorbency system – these vary from the depth of shock pad which is needed to meet the critical fall height of nursery equipment but an average low level piece of equipment rate would be £10 per m²
  • Synthetic Grass Surfacing – average rates for synthetic carpet in nurseries tends to be £20 per m² because they like to make sure they have a dense soft feeling surface underfoot
  • Installation of Surface – the standard rate is £20 per m² for fitting and installation of the surfaces which includes the labour onsite, silica sand infill and glues / tapes to join the carpet together

As you can see when you tally these rates up above then this is where you get to the figure of £85 per m² but please fill in the contact form on this page to discuss further as there really is a whole load of questions and details needed to give a firm written quote.

What is Artificial Safety Grass?

Artificial safety grass is often used for primary schools and nurseries in Owmby. For this surfacing type a shockpad is installed prior to laying the synthetic carpet. The shockpad acts as a shock absorbency system, which will make sure the surfacing is safe for low level play equipment. The shockpad can vary in depth in order to meet the required critical fall height that is needed for synthetic safety turf. It is recommended to have safety surfacing like artificial safety grass installed in nurseries in order to keep young children safe when playing in the playground.

Safety Surface for Nursery Playgrounds Near Me

When looking at safety surfaces for nurseries closest to you in Owmby DN38 6 we are able to provide you with all the information you need to ensure you get exactly what you want. As we have years of experience and extensive specialist knowledge, we are happy to give you a free quote as well as necessary details that can help ensure your nusersy is happy with the end result. Whether you are looking for artificial grass for a nursery or all weather court we are able to help in any way possible. Simply fill out the enquiry form provided and we will get back to you as soon as we can with everything you need. 

Artificial Grass Costs to Nurseries in Owmby

If you have read the above rates then I would strongly recommend taking a little more time to read several pages on this website because it shows many other costs of synthetic turf projects in Owmby DN38 6 like on sports pitches and gardens. This will help you understand the quotes and prices of works because although this is saying the average rate is £85 per m² there is a good chance this figure could be reduced if it falls above budget and other pages explains the various options of sub bases.

When you are filling in the contact form, please be reminded that the following information is extremely important for us to price your project perfectly:

  • Location of Project – A post code is very important because prices may vary slightly depending on location as central London might need a little more allowance on rates due to lack of parking for the vans.
  • Area Size – The size is very important and we need the dimensions of the longest point and the widest point to work out what length of carpet we need to purchase.
  • Budget – Ideally your budget is always good to put on there because we can then check to see what grade of astroturf and sub base we may offer to match your budgets.
  • Contact Details – Obviously your contact details so we may reply back with a firm quote to carry out the works for you.

How to Install Safety Grass Near Me

As specialists in Owmby DN38 6 we are able to install safety grass in your surrounding areas to the highest standards. To do this, we follow these simple steps:

  1. Excavate existing surfacing
  2. Install stone sub base with sand
  3. Install shockpad
  4. Lay synthetic turf surfacing


We can offer the best services when installing safety turf for nursery schools in Owmby. The costs to install safety grass can vary depending on numerous factors and it is important that you make sure that your nursery can afford the synthetic safety turf surfacing prior to the installation. We may alter our designs and specifications to meet your individual needs, so please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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