Artificial Grass for Schools

Artificial Grass for Schools

Schools have started wanting artificial grass installed to replace their existing muddy grass surface.

Synthetic Sport Surfaces

Synthetic Sport Surfaces

Some schools are able to have a synthetic sport surface installed, this allows them to play their sport all year round and will give them a good amount of practice for any matches they have.

School Synthetic Turf

School Synthetic Turf

Having synthetic turf in schools means that the children are able to use it all year round without it flooding or becoming too muddy to use.

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School Playground Costs

Highlighting the artificial grass cost fitted to school playground for you will be difficult and I will base this on average figures but please be warned these are only indications and every job should be priced individually because many factors can change the rates from access, ground conditions to complexity of the shape.

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If you require more information regarding the cost to fit synthetic grass for a school play area, please get in contact with our team using the enquiry form on this page and we will get back to you at the earliest convenience with all the information you require regarding the installation process.

Synthetic Grass Specifications

I will first and foremost explain what the rates will be based on because the specification I am using for the prices on the page is slightly different to a garden installation and also a sports pitch installation. Here is the specification we would recommend for artificial turf into a school play area:

  • Sub Base – we would recommend PCC edges, stone sub base with enough structural strength to allow heavy traffic and possibly vehicle to drive over it, geotextile membrane and sufficient drainage
  • Shockpad – a shockpad would be needed to cushion the fall of the children especially when there is play equipment because it will need to meet the CFH (critical fall height)
  • Surfacing – we'd recommend a premium quality artificial turf because will need to be able to accept heavy use and look / feel great underfoot

Based on these pointers above then this is recommended but obviously specifications and designs can be tailored to suit budgets and requirements on a job by job basis.

Schools Sports Pitches

We may install schools sports pitches for a number of sports. Since we are experts in the sport surfacing industry we can alter designs and specifications to meet your needs and requirements. All of our surfaces are porous, which means that water can drain through easily preventing flooding and waterlogging. This is great for schools, as the pupils can make use of the facility in any weather conditions. Schools sports pitches are popular across the UK and it is recommended to have synthetic turf installed instead of natural turf due to the permeable properties and limited maintenance needed.

Playground Sport Court Costs

There are a range of playground sports available closest to you that can be a safety option for local schools. You will need to consider all aspects of the synthetic turf installation, preperation and supplying when deciding upon the surfacing option for your school playground in your surrounding area. You can find out more here - to see how the playground sports areas can be a great addition to your school. Contact us today if you would like to receive a free quote and talk to our specialist team. We are happy to give you everything you need in order to find what you are looking for. 

Average Artificial Grass Rates for School Playgrounds Near Me

So working on the figures which im sure you are wanting to see then I will throw a rate out there now to say you would be looking around the mark of £95 per meter based on a standard size of approximately 100m². I will break this down now for you to show you how this works out to be this rate:

  • £35 per metre for groundworks which would include excavation, stoning up, geotextile membrane and a collector drain to tap into a mains drain near to the area.
  • £10 per metre for shockpad based a low level piece of equipment on the area.
  • £20 per metre for installation of artificial turf surfacing.
  • £30 per metre for supply of synthetic turf plus delivery including offcuts.


These rates above are based upon the synthetic grass cost fitted to nearby school playgrounds with access being good. If you are looking for costs and prices for other types of projects then please speak to our specialist team today who are happy to answer any questions you have. 

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We can offer you more information regarding the synthetic turf surfacing that we may install if required including details on specifications and designs which are available. Our team have years of experience and expert knowledge in the surfacing industry and have worked with a number of schools across the country. We can work to remain within your budget whilst producing the best results when installing the synthetic surfacing. For more details on artificial grass cost fitted for school playground and the different specifications available, please fill in our contact form and we shall get back to you.


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