Artificial Grass Preparation in Ailby

Artificial Grass Preparation in Ailby

As well as the install, preparation works for each project will be different, this is because not all facilities are in the same condition.

Preparing Artificial Turf in Ailby

Preparing Artificial Turf in Ailby

Sub bases depend on the existing ground conditions, we have to make sure that when we fit the carpet, water will still be able to drain through the surface and it will not flood or hold water.

Artificial Grass Preparation Costs in Ailby

Artificial Grass Preparation Costs in Ailby

We suggest that preparation works should be carried out by a professional installer, this is to make sure that everything is done correctly and you will have the surface which you want.

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Artificial Grass Preparation Costs in Ailby

The artificial grass preparation costs in Ailby LN13 0 can vary.

I will quickly get the point across to you that the cheapest price is not always the best option and obviously sometimes it might well be and is a large part in the evaluation process for you to consider which professional uk contractor you are going to award the works to but other areas you need to make sure you check the synthetic grass preparation cost is:

  • Sub Base System: The sub-base can vary from job to job depending upon the existing ground conditions so making sure the company you're using are aware of your project is key because an existing area which holds water a lot will need to take this into account with possible drainage.
  • Tools: Having the right tools on the job is paramount to making sure the preparation works are completed to the correct level of structural strength so making sure to check previous works always help your thought process
  • Specification: the specification and design of what the professional contractor is proposing is crucial in your design making because you must make sure you are comparing apples with apples.


If you fill in the contact form we can gladly send you various sub-base specifications we use depending upon the sites because obviously a garden with light traffic and no vehicles driving across it will require less structural strength than lets say a nursery play area where delivery vans might need to get over and heavy use. If you complete the contact details we will get back to you straight away to answer any questions.

What is a Sub Base?

A sub base is the layer of aggregate which is laid prior to the installation of synthetic turf (or any other surfacing type you wish to install). A sub base is needed to create a surface for the synthetic carpet to be laid onto in order to create a smooth, flat surface. Sub-base costs may vary due to other factors, such as the existing surfacing that you have down. Excavating the existing surface will have to go into the price of prep works. For more information on sub bases, please fill in our contact form and we'll get back in touch with all the information you require.

Artificial Grass Sub Base Cost in Ailby

Below are some indicative rates for Artificial Grass Sub-Base Cost to various projects like sports pitches, playgrounds and gardens near me:

Artificial turf groundworks cost for preparation of a full sized all weather pitch again varies dramatically depending on ground conditions, drainage and many factors but for approximate figures the UK average on groundworks to a full sized sports pitch is £25 per m² for excavation, stone and edging with an extra £10 per m² if the specification require a base course macadam specification.

Artificial astroturf preparation cost for sub-base of a school playground facility near me, is on average £35 per m² and this is because there is more preparation work needed on a school playground than there is a garden due to heavy use and drainage requirements needed. It is similar preparation works to a sports pitch and because of economies of scale with a full sizes sports pitch being 6000m² and over then obviously the rates per metre on a smaller area size needs to increase on the quotation.

Synthetic turf preparation cost for groundworks to a garden facility in Ailby LN13 0 is on average £20 per m² so hopefully these rates will give you some kind of incline to the prices and quotes you will receive.

Cost of Preparing Artificial Grass 

The costs of preparing artificial grass in Ailby LN13 0 vary depending upon a number of factors. As specialists closest to you and your surrounding areas, we are able to provide your facility with a high quality surfacing that suits all your requirements. We have years of experience and expert knowledge which can guarentee the best results throughout the UK. Our team are able to supply you with a range of surface bases that will improve your local facility. Speak to us today if you'd like to find out more information adn receive more details. 

How to Prepare Surface for Artificial Grass Near Me

If you're interested in preparing the surface for an synthetic grass garden yourself in order to cut back on costs, please follow these simple steps:

  1. Dig up existing surfacing - the turf needs to be removed prior to installing the fake grass
  2. Spread a layer of sand across the surface
  3. Lay a geotextile membrane

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Once you have prepared the surface, we can carry out the installation at a cheaper price. Our nearby contractors are also able to carry out the prep work for you. The price to prepare the surfacing is not excessive, however if you do decide to carry out groundworks yourself we will be able to cut down the price for you.

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Should you want any further information regarding the costs for the surfacing then other pages on this website explain in detail various elements of the full quotes which include the supply of carpet prices and the installation of the artificial turf however for firm written quotations you are much better to fill in the contact form with as much details as possible and we will respond with all the details on artificial grass preparation costs in Ailby LN13 0 or even a free quotation.

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